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ZIDOO is a Profession Android STB Manufacturer, an advanced ARM multi-core industrial Product and consumer electronics developer. Although only founded in 2014, our founders are highly experienced and seasoned in the OTT field and are committed to deliver expert professional technical services to a well-known brand at home and abroad. We specialize in OTT, DVB and Streaming Players, providing Supply Chain Service and Solutions. We maintain good relationships through cooperation with Mstar, Rockchip, Allwinner, Amlogic, Realtek and other original chipset factories. We also provide numerous TV BOX Brands with exported technology. ZIDOO is a unique brand with vest strengths though technology and innovation. The ZIDOO brand is gradually being identified all over the world.We have our own factory for production of our products and with the growing market demand, constantly update our equipment to meet increased orders. Our factory can supply the output 200,000 devices monthly. We work hard and make continuous efforts to strive for higher goals. More and more overseas partners visit China to build long-term partnerships with ZIDOO for customized branded products. ZIDOO has become a choice for overseas customers with its reputation as a high quality product, technical service and professional platform. Armed with industry's brightest, most seasoned designers and SW&HW engineers, we are invested in the OMD/OEM customized services. High-quality, responsibility, teamwork, striving for perfection and win-win are our purposes of innovation &development. Focusing on user experience and feedback, provide better solutions and technical support, create greater value for our customers, all of these are our pursuit. ZIDOO would like to create good relationship with Branded TV Box Device Online and Offline Stores, Office Equipment Suppliers et cetera.
We are a positive team with 40% R&D members, marking for the most professional and impressive R&D Team for STB Manufacturers in China. More than 60 engineers have nearly eight years of industry experience in R&D. We focus on R&D with a new generation of Smart Consumer Electronics and Technical Terminal. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing electronics products for Smart OTT and Smart Android TV BOX field. Also, we are specialized in industrial control equipment, Intelligence education interactive devices and digital signage fields.
With our long industrial experience, we not only develop our ZIDOO branded products, but we also focus on ODM/OEM customized services. Based on our many years of experience in STB production in-house Design and R&D allows ZIDOO to quickly respond to demand, customization, requirements and collections with strict quality standards. We currently have six network set-top box patents and 10 software copyright. Our products have quality certification, product quality is guaranteed.
We focus on the user experience, accumulated millions of user operating habits of data, after the ZIDOO device system for hundreds optimization, simplify the building to create a ZIUI system. We focus on ZIU system every detail. ZIDOO device first boot will guide you to the first initialization settings, the setup process is simple and fast, just 5 steps to complete. ZIUI has a complete full-featured media management center, both with PC version of the complete file management, but also with large-screen operation mode of operation. The ZIUI system automatically scans all available network drives for the LAN and provides fast and stable connectivity. The ZIUUI system automatically scans the file format and matches the corresponding open menu.
ZIUI system has a strong media player, has accumulated ZIDOO years of technical achievements and numerous debugging test, many times leading the industry trend of technology. ZIUI system has a wealth of video settings options, automatic subtitles match. Unique subtitle download system, can automatically search the Internet to play the current video subtitles file, and download the match, eliminating the need for manual search, manual loading of the trouble. ZIUI can automatically search and matching subtitles. ZIUI system can automatically search matching subtitles. subtitles for a full range of personalized settings, including subtitles fonts, colors, effects, location et.
The ZIUI system has a versatile music player. Exquisite UI interface with a full range of functions; support CUE list display and preset a variety of EQ effects; In addition, more support for reading music album cover and other functions. For your favorite videos in your local storage device, the ZIDOO Poster Wall feature automatically matches video posters and video details for you automatically. In addition, the only poster wall that supports cross-device support is currently available. Compared with the cold file name, the poster wall is more sense of picture. ZIDOO allows you to define remote control shortcuts through the system. You can set the function key to open any application. ZIUI allows you to install third-party applications via USB storage devices or WEB port uploads, which provides you with a more convenient and quicker experience.